Cook and Code kills frustration

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Thinking about learning to code but you don’t where to start? Which language is the best fit? Why should you bother at all and: is COOK and CODE the right fit for you? In this interview series we are asking workshop attendees about their motivation and their learning experiences. Please meet Alicia: 

What do you like about Cook and Code?

„I like the easy way to learn a programming language that it offers, if you want to learn how to start with python or javascript, it is easy to find a course that fits with your schedule. Once that you are in the workshop, it is easy to get the path and understand the topic even if you don´t have a technical background.“

Could you name some situations where the knowledge of cook and code already helped you?

„I started to learn javascript by myself with books and exercises and in some reason it worked, but I decided to make a course for beginners at cook and code and it helped me to clarify my mind, I got the concepts better and my frustration level went down.“

Alicia is a freelance designer, mother and learning the basics of JavaScript.

Do you think children should learn coding in school? If so: why?

„Definitively, I think it is important that they learn the basic concepts of coding as a general issue, technology is part of our lives and it is important to have a general background to understand it.“

Although being a mother and a freelancer, you also managed to attend some hackathons – what was your motivation?

„I like the challenge of making a project in such a short period of time with a team that I haven´t met before. I learn a lot on that hackathons, besides the technical things of programming, I learn about team work and stress management. And I can manage it because I get the support of my partner.“